Local Hire Expands To Private Development in San Francisco

Local Hire Expands To Private Development in San Francisco In November, the City celebrated another exciting expansion of local hire for private development on public land. The City, through its Port Commission (Port), owned part of a 69-acre waterfront property known as the Pier 70 area, an industrial site used primarily as a shipyard. After a three-year community planning process, the Port created a master plan to reuse Pier 70 and designated the 28-acre portion for development. The selected developer then proposed a mixed-use project with residential, office, retail, arts spaces, and public open space and recreation areas.

This development was then subject to approval as Proposition F through the ballot initiative process. Understanding the value of local hire for San Francisco's low-income communities, the developer made a mandatory, not "good faith," commitment to hiring local residents for the thousands of construction jobs created by the project over 10 to 15 years. This commitment for privately constructed buildings would also create access to jobs with high wages, benefits and strong working conditions, providing opportunities to break persistent cycles of poverty and unemployment. In supporting Proposition F, Brightline brought together community allies such as Aboriginal Blackman United, Build Bayview, Charity Cultural Services Center, Northern California Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, and Sustainable Futures.

Proposition F and the Pier 70 development showed how development could be good for the local community, good for local workers, and good for San Francisco. Proposition F was ultimately approved by a resounding 72.85% of voters, including a diverse coalition of environmentalists, elected officials, neighborhood associations, and others. It represented a pathway toward not only creating good jobs but also building affordable housing in the city, another pressing issue for San Francisco's low to moderate-income communities.


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