Brightline Program Areas

Brightline's programs areas revolve around our core mission of promoting sustainable communities and reflect the the arc of our policy knowledge base accumulated since Brightline became fully immersed in our work since 2007.

Our Environmental Justice work began with the effort to close the Potrero Power Plant without building new power plants in Southeast San Francisco.

Brightline's Renewable Energy advocacy flowed from the need to present clean energy alternatives to chip away at the need to replace dirty fossil fuel power with a robust commitment to renewables and energy efficiency in order to phase out old power plants in environmental justice communities such as Bayview-Hunters Point and Potrero Hill.

We began work in the Green Jobs sector in the course of advocating clean energy projects such as GoSolarSF and the Sunset Reservoir, seeking to advance the vision of an all-inclusive green economy that creates opportunities to low-income communities and communities of color typically excluded from environmental movements by connecting disadvantaged workers with jobs created by green investments.

Our Local Hiring program area resulted from the challenges presented by San Francisco's reliance on the "good faith efforts" of the parties to connect local workers with green-collar and blue-collar jobs on publicly-funded projects. We spent most of 2010 on a campaign to end the "good faith efforts" of local hiring in San Francisco forever.


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Environmental Justice
Environmental justice guarantees equally high levels of environmental protection for all people – regardless of race, color, national origin, or income.
Renewable Energy
Renewable energy provides clean, limitless fuel by drawing upon natural resources such as sunlight and wind, promoting the creation of green jobs.
Green Jobs
Green jobs help prevent or mitigate climate change and promote environmental justice when targeted for historically polluted communities.
Local Hiring
Local hiring means blue-collar and green-collar jobs for local communities on projects funded by local dollars.


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