Thorough and thoughtful research is critical in order to successfully shift public policy. Brightline has authored and co-authored reports that have sparked and shaped public debate about important policy issues within our program areas.

Brightline Sustainability Report: Jobs and Environmental Justice in the Bay Area
Posted Wed, Dec 21, 2016  |  Local Hiring

Brightline summary of its first-ever policy summit in Bayview-Hunters Point.

Wanted: Community Jobs Policy For San Francisco
Posted Mon, Nov 15, 2010  |  Local Hiring

Race, Poverty & The Environment article on local hiring reform by Brightline's Joshua Arce and Sustainable Futures' Utuma Belfrey.

Solar Power As Peaker Power
Posted Thu, Sep 10, 2009  |  Renewable Energy

Brightline policy paper analyzing a landmark decision by the California Energy Commission (CEC), which denied an application for a natural gas-fired gas turbine power plant in large part based on the recognized efficacy of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) power.

Brief History Of The Potrero Power Plant Debate
Posted Sun, Feb 01, 2009  |  Environmental Justice

Brightline report on the recent history and current state of the Potrero Power Plant debate.

Policy Paper On Asbestos Existence And Disturbance In El Dorado Hills
Posted Tue, Jun 05, 2007  |  Environmental Justice

Brightline policy paper regarding asbestos disturbance and the issuance of fines for said exceedances in El Dorado Hills, California.


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